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Detailed design, fabrication, Erection & supervision for:

Petrochemical Gas & Oil Industry Furnaces and Heaters
Process & Refinery Furnaces
Ducts & Stacks
Pipe Racks, Equipment Racks, Cold Boxes, Platforms and Ladders
Heavy steel structures of Power Stations and other industries

Index Project



- Aria Sasol Petrochemical Complex (9th Olefin)
- Jam Petrochemical Complex (10th Olefin)
- Morvarid Petrochemical Complex
- Kavian Petrochemical Complex (11th Olefin)
- Illam Petrochemical Complex (13th Olefin)
- Gachsaran Petrochemical Complex

Process & Heater:

- Shazand Arak refinery



- Shazand Arak Refinery
- South Oil Fields


- Shazand Arak Refinery (100m height)
- Pardis Petrochemical Complex


- Phase
10th Pars Gas Development (100m height)

Pipe Racks:

- Aria Sasol Petrochemical Complex (9th Olefin)
Jam Petrochemical Complex (10th Olefin)
- LDPE Kordestan

In Foreign Countries:

- Plate working for Heater Boxes of 5 Furnaces of BP-Gofer (Germany)
- Pipe Racks of SKIKDA (Algeria)
- Steel Structure for Sharq Project (Saudi Arabia)


Managing Director's message

M.H. Javadzadeh 

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive us a business over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. At Ircast Schauenberg we must get ready for tomorrow today. Some lessons we have learned after ten years are:
1) The satisfaction of the client has an ongoing role in market success and longevity. Quality and appropriate pricing are key factors to client satisfaction.
2) Management’s cooperation with client in solving problems and helping to maintain the smooth operations of projects will create client satisfactions and trust. Our success derives from the strength of this satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.
3) Our human resources are the fundamental investment of our firm. The continuing education of our colleagues not only enhances their knowledge and expertise but also adds to our intellectual capital. We build value for our shareholders through its employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness.
4) The enhancement of our resources and potential are the guarantor of continuity and progress of our firm in the addition to the maintaining of low prices. Arresting our future development will only insure our disappearance in the marketplace.
5) Appropriately guiding subcontractors and suppliers toward cooperating in reaching client goals and company purposes are key to project success.
6) We attempt to develop cost-effective solution that will meet the unique present and future requirements of our clients. To accomplish this, we investigate all reasonable options. Where appropriate, we seek out new technologies and design customized engineering tools. We strive to offer excellence in the design and delivery of engineering services.
7) Our presence in foreign markets and establishing international relation can be a counterweight to fluctuations in local conditions and safeguard our company. We are committed to establishing our presence abroad and will take all measures to ensure this result.


We will continue to grow our organization and serve our customers at a fair profit using the same uncompromising standards of excellence have made us the company we are today.


Mission and Vision


IRACST-SCHAUENBERG company sets priority on delivering the highest quality of products and services to the projects in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries; at our company we commit to continually improve of our capability in design, procurement engineering and fabrication, erection and commissioning services, by upgrading our staff expertise and production facilities, as well as careful selection of our suppliers and subcontractors.



Profound and effective presence in the area & Iranian energy industries as a first tier technical & engineering organization with global credibility.




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