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Our company:

IRCAST-SCHAUENBERG TEHRAN was established in May 2002 as an Iranian private joint stock company and has successfully performed design, fabrication and erection of heavy steel structures for Oil, Gas and petrochemical projects.

IRCAST-SCHAUENBERG with more than 150 employees, provides services to his clients at the highest level of quality in this profession. The company engineers and experts at design and fabrication departments who are selected among experienced competent people have also been trained by our partner in Germany.

IRCAST-SCHAUENBERG workshop with more than 24,000 sq. m area is located in southern part of IRAN, close to the Persian Gulf, at Bandar Imam Special Petrochemical Zone and posses the advantage of easy access to the major industrial petrochemical sites, and sea & land transportation facilities.
Our head office and design office are in Tehran.


Design office:

Our engineering & design team utilizes professional soft-wares including AutoCAD, BOCAD, X-Steel, PDMS for 3D modeling & detail design of the projects.

After modeling, the team provides the shop, assembly and erection drawings along with their relevant material, sort and part lists directly from the 3D model.

Our engineering and design activities are based on international and domestic standards and codes such as IPS, API, ASTM, DIN, ASME, AISC, AWS where applicable.

We have designed several projects including; equipments and furnace structures as per basic design by famous engineering companies same as: Linde AG, Linde Impianti Italia SpA, Tchnip Benelux, ITT SpA and Stone & Webster Ltd.
Conventional potential of our design office is about 10,000 tons/year.

Considering the high level of proficiency at IRCAST-SCHAUENBERG design office, for a number of projects our team has taken part along with our German partner STAHLBAU SCHAUENBERG GmbH when required.



Work Shop:

Our shop supervisors and technical staffs have been trained in Germany; and have scheduled attendance to the updating programs continually.

The conventional potential of our workshop in PET zone is: 4,500 tons/year for furnaces steel structures and 6,000 tons/year for pipe & equipment racks steel structures.

Rather than the staffs who are working in our main workshop in Mahshahr, we have qualified and trained representatives at our subcontractors’ shops in the region, Arak, Esfahan, Tehran and Dubai, to increase our capacity where required with keeping our committed quality.



Managers Resume:

M.H. Javadzadeh      
Position: Managing Director  
Degree: Chemical & Oil engineering /sharif university  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 10 years as project engineer in oil and gas projects.
  - 9 years as Project Manager in oil ,gas and petrochemical projects, Project Manager for Kangan natural gas project, polystyrene project in Tabriz complex and other major projects.  
  - 7 years as Managing Director, Ircast Metallugical engineering co. Managing Director of Ircast Schauenberg since 2002  
F. SAMANI      
Position: Sales manager  
Degree: B.S. in Applied Sciences  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 28 years as project plannig & sales for oil, gas & petrochemical industries.
  - Sales Manager since 2006  
B. Doosti      
Position: Engineering manager  
Degree: B.S. in civil engineering  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 30 years as Project Manager, construction manager, Project Engineer in industrial & construction projects including 6 years in petrochemical projects as Engineering and Supervision Manager.  
  - Engineering Manager since 2005  
J. Mirzajani      
Position: Managing Director Representative & Quality Manager  
Degree: B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering / Sharif University of Technology  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 22 years of experience in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries as QA/QC Engineer, Material & Welding Lead Engineer, QA/QC Manager, Project Manager, Planning & Project Control Manager, Project QMS Manager, Deputy Managing Director in EPC Projects.  
  - MD Representative & Quality Manager since 2012  
SH. AZADI      
Position: Production manager  
Degree: DIP. Engineer in industries  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 34 years as fabrication supervisor for steel & pipe fabrication shops for major onshore & offshore projects.  
  - Production Manager since 2009  
H.A. SHAHBOD      
Position: Project manager  
Degree: B.S. In industrial engineering  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 20 Years in project planing & Control, Q/C Consultant, Project management.  
  - Project Manager since 2008  
A.J. Gorji      
Position: Planning and Project Manager  
Degree: B.S. in industrial engineering  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 14 Years Experience in Planning and Project Manager In Steel Industrial.  
  - 3 years Experience as Project Manager in Petrochemical Industry.  
A. Seyed Batooli      
Position: Administrative Manager  
Degree: B.S. in Industrial management  
Nationality: Iranian  
Experiences: - 20 years as human resources and public relations
Officer and administrative manager
  - Administrative manager since 2002  
    In Memory of Mr. Kourosh Saidi  
K. SAIDI    
  ​Mr. Kourosh Saidi was one of our strong and capable managers at Ircast Schauenberg. He had a significant as well as effective role in the management of production, planning and development of the infrastructure of the company.

Mr. Kourosh Saidi was a competent and valuable manager, and was recognized specially for his expertise and creativity in the fields of metallurgical mechanical, chemical and oil engineering.

Unfortunately he took the eternal journey and left us too early in July 2010 due to a sudden illness.

May God bless his soul.
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