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Based on practical project methodologies, our sales, engineering and project managers initiate review and evaluation of incoming technical data and requisitions from our clients, thus we realize carefully technical proposals for our clients requirements following with kick-start, clarifying project scope and deliverables; during this stage through technical meetings we often provide solutions to our clients as a partner to customize our services and to strengthen the competitiveness on both sides.

In absence of communication, no project could handle processes towards its targets; knowing this, we put a high value on a perfect communication system with our clients.

By optimizing the technical procedures we are able to present a product according to schedule and in high quality; minimum tolerances – even when working with the plates - belong to our concepts of quality which are important for the smooth sequence of erection as well.

Our clients appreciates our reliability in handling their project, and all the projects executed by our company during the last few years prove this.


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